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2024: A New Year of Empowerment & Expansion


As we step into 2024, 3C Digital Media Network stands at a thrilling juncture of growth and innovation. This year marks not just another calendar flip, but a significant leap forward in our enduring mission to "Connect, Communicate, & Collaborate." Let's delve into the exciting developments and new horizons that await us!

ASHA Approval: A Milestone Achievement

One of our most notable achievements, is becoming an approved continuing education provider for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). This recognition is more than an accolade; it's a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality educational content.

For our community of speech-language pathologists and allied health professionals, this means access to cutting-edge, ASHA-accredited webinars and courses that contribute to your professional development.

The Podcast Revolution: Securing Sponsorships and Expanding Reach

Our podcasts have always been a cornerstone, offering insights, knowledge, and the latest trends in allied health. In 2024, we've taken a giant leap by securing paid advertising and sponsorships. This boosts our platform's sustainability, enhances the quality, and diversity of our content, ensuring that our listeners have access to the best resources.

Marketing Innovations: Widening Our Collaborative Network

With an expanded marketing effort, we aim to extend our reach and bring in new collaborators. Our strategy is twofold: to connect with more professionals who can benefit from our resources and to invite experts who can contribute their knowledge to our platform. This dual approach ensures a dynamic exchange of ideas and continuous learning within our network.

Content Creators Galore: Enriching Our Educational Offerings

Infusioning over 50 new content creators into our network is nothing short of a revolution. It significantly expands our range of webinars, courses, podcasts, and blogs. This diversity in content creation caters to our audiences’ varied interests and learning preferences, making the 3C Digital Media Network a comprehensive hub.

TechExpo 2024: A Convergence of Technology and Healthcare

A highlight of 2024 will be the launch of the TechExpo, an innovative showcase of technology used in speech-language pathology and other allied health disciplines.

This event is a display of technological advancements; a platform for learning, sharing, and discovering how technology can revolutionize healthcare or educational practices. It's a testament to our belief in the power of technology to transform lives. Stay tuned for more information about the TechExpo in the coming weeks!

Publishing Ventures: Expanding Our Digital and Print Footprint

Our new publishing effort is set to bring a plethora of digital media and print-ready materials to market. This venture is more than just adding to our content repository; it's about providing accessible, actionable educational materials that professionals can utilize in their practice. With this initiative, we aim to bridge the gap between digital innovation and traditional learning resources.

Living Our Core Values

At the heart of all these exciting developments is our commitment to our core values: connecting, communicating, and collaborating. The strength of our network lies in the collective expertise and shared knowledge of our creators.

By fostering a community that thrives on collaboration and open communication, we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in digital education and professional growth.

Looking Forward

As we embrace 2024 with open arms, we aren’t just celebrating new initiatives and achievements. We’re renewing our pledge to be a beacon of innovation, a platform for growth, and a community where professionals can connect, communicate, and collaborate effectively.

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to shape the future of digital media in the allied health industry. If you haven’t done so, visit our platform at, register for a free account, and consider how you can be a part of our story!

Here's to a year of innovation, learning, and endless possibilities at the 3C Digital Media Network!

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Todd is currently a Professor of Speech-Language Pathology at The University of Akron.

In a career that has spanned nearly 30 years, Dr. Houston has been a photojournalist, an Executive Director/CEO of an international non-profit organization, a clinician, published author, researcher, and an academic. This professional journey has shaped a world-view that embraces diversity and supports engagement across cultures.

Dr. Houston has a passion for ensuring that others have an opportunity to fully express themselves.
Combining his journalism background with more than two decades of focused work with children and adults impacted by hearing loss, Dr. Houston has co-created a company that is committed to producing a range of content that informs and inspires.

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