Meet Content Creator

Juliana Gebhardt, LSLS Cert. AVT

Speech-Language Pathologist

Originally from Buenos Aires Argentina, Juliana has an active practice serving families via teletherapy. She graduated as a speech-language pathologist from Universidad del Museo Social Argentino in 2003 and as a teacher for the deaf in 2003 from Universidad del Salvador.

In the year 2018, she co-founded the website Escuchar sin Límites, which strives to be a resource for quality information regarding hearing loss in Spanish.

Creative Content

Tele-práctica: Terapia auditiva y del lenguaje hablado


  1. Tele-práctica: Sesión 0 meses a 3 años 
  2. Tele-práctica: Sesión 4 – 8 años 
  3. Tele-práctica: Sesión 9 – 12 años 

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