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Optimizing the Learning Environment for students Who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing
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  • Instructor
    Dr. Carrie Spangler
  • Level
  • CEU
    1.5 hour
  • Video time
    1 hr, 22 min
  • Exams
    10 Questions
  • Language
  • Audience
    Speech-Language Pathologists, Special Educators, Audiologists

Do you have a student who is deaf or hard of hearing in your class this upcoming school year?

This webinar will take a deeper dive into five (5) topics including the deaf/hard of hearing profile, the success team, the classroom audiogram, acoustical learning environments, and a summary to put the pieces together. Join Dr. Carrie Spangler, expert educational audiologist, for a short course to improve the listening environment for your students.

What are YOU going to learn today?

Participants will be able to:
  1. Consider the different variables that can impact the whole child who is deaf/hard of hearing.
  2. Identify three (3) acoustic variables that can impact classroom acoustics and learning.
  3. Explain the purpose of hearing assistive technology for deaf and hard of hearing students.
  4. Compare the child’s clinical audiogram to the “count the dots” audiogram and familiar sounds audiogram to gain more information about the educational impact on learning.