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Audiologist Dr. Ruth Reisman from Urban Hearing and Hearing Loss Coach Carly Sygrove have joined forces to bring you the Happy Hearing Podcast, a podcast series focused on the psychological and therapeutic aspects of managing hearing disorders. They use their shared experience with hearing loss and hearing disorders to connect with their audience and bring forth speakers that will add true value to the path less traveled to hearing healthcare.

Meet Our Podcasters

Carly Sygrove

Hearing Loss Coach & Hearing Health Writer

Carly Sygrove

Carly Sygrove is a hearing loss coach and a hearing health writer who has single-sided deafness. She writes about living with hearing loss at My Hearing Loss Story and manages an online support group for people with hearing loss. She is also the founder of the Sudden Hearing Loss Support website, a source of information and support for people affected by sudden hearing loss.

In her previous career, Carly worked for 14 years as an Early Years teacher in various countries, including the UK, China, Thailand, and Spain, where she currently lives with her partner, Stuart. Outside of hearing health advocacy, Carly enjoys yoga, baking, and walking in the Spanish countryside.

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Dr. Ruth Reisman

Audiologist & Hearing Aid Dispenser

Dr. Ruth Reisman, AuD, MBA, CCC-A

Dr. Ruth Reisman, AuD MBA CCC-A is a licensed Audiologist and Hearing Aid Dispenser in New York, Florida, and Bermuda and holds certification from the American Speech and Hearing Association. Dr. Reisman is a full-time university lecturer for the City University of New York, and an adjunct professor at Touro University. She is also the Founder and Co-Owner of Urban Hearing providing Virtual Auditory Processing Services for patients throughout the age range. Dr. Reisman specializes in hearing rehabilitation through the use of technology and Aural Rehabilitation and has been recognized as the first audiologist to successfully fit the new Maxum Middle Ear Implant in the tri-state area and the first in the country to successfully fit a Cochlear Bone Anchored Hearing Aid device with the magnetic attract implant system. In addition to treating patients for over 13 years with hearing technology, Dr. Reisman has been lecturing Audiology Graduate students on the topic for many years. She has been cited and asked to write content on this topic for numerous health and wellness platforms and serves on the board of Audiologist.org. As part of her private practice, Dr. Reisman provides international and compassionate care to the citizens of Bermuda where access to comprehensive hearing healthcare is limited.

In her personal life, Dr. Reisman enjoys spending time with her life partner, Frank, their five children, and two fur babies Apollo and Bella."

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Happy Hearing Podcast Reviews

"Great stuff!"


"Very informative! Thank you for all you do in bringing awareness to this condition which seems like it is often overlooked."


Really enjoying the podcasts. I'm learning to live with my tinnitus (not completely there yet). Living in the UK support for hearing challenges, especially tinnitus is not great so having a resource to listen to such as your podcast and channel is really great. I follow Carly on Twitter - really great channel. Thank you!