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What type of chart do I use?

Tamala Bradham, Ph.D., DHA, CCC-A, CPPS, CPHQ
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What type of chart do I use?

You've got some data. You've got a message to share, but what is the best way to display your data? Consider these eight ways to share your data and tell your story!
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Tamala S. Bradham, Ph.D., DHA, CCC-A, CPPS, CPHQ

For 25 years, Dr. Bradham’s career has always centered on developing and implementing new, innovative service delivery models to improve care delivery.

 As a clinician, researcher, published author, and professor, she is a multi talented and multifaceted leader that inspires those around her to deliver best practices based on the current state of knowledge, explore opportunities to improve service delivery, and innovate solutions for the tomorrow.

As a partner with 3C Digital Media Network, Dr. Bradham will connect people with great talents and knowledge to the network, collaborate with others to improve and develop oneself, and communicate with genuine passion and transparency.
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