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8 Must-Try Ways To Use Automation In Your Marketing

Jan 9 / Heather Jensen

Automation is exciting and new. The advances being made can drastically change and simplify how you market your services, but because they are new, it can feel overwhelming or daunting. While a challenge at first, automation can save you money, time, and energy. Here are eight of our favorite automations that are well worth the time and effort.

Embrace Automation

Consider the practicality of setting a reminder on your phone for a task upon reaching a specific location or the satisfaction you get from receiving a personalized email expressing gratitude for a purchase.

Now, imagine extending that same level of efficiency and personal touch to every aspect of your practice. Automation can do that for you! Let’s explore eight ways automation can save you time, stress, and confusion.

1. Automated Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of identifying and cultivating potential clients who express interest in your services. With the power of automation, the tedious task of manually sorting through emails and distributing materials is replaced with a seamless process. As potential clients express interest and provide their information, automation swiftly delivers the promised materials, be it informative guides, e-books, or exclusive content, directly to their inboxes.

Moreover, automation doesn't stop at the initial exchange. You can put a system in place that automatically schedules periodic follow-ups with your leads, nurturing the relationship over time. This systematic approach transforms lead generation from a one-time exchange into a sustained relationship-building strategy, fostering trust and interest in your services. Braze is a really interesting platform that focuses on personal engagement with leads instead of robotizing the process.

2. Email Marketing

Where lead generation automation helps you keep track of new potential clients, email serves as a direct line of communication with your clients who have been with you for years or those with whom you may have lost connection. Automation takes this interaction to new heights. It enables the creation of personalized, automated email campaigns, allowing you to segment your email list, send targeted messages, and schedule campaigns in advance.

This precision transforms your communication into a well-organized strategy, enhancing open rates and conversions instead of trying to throw a bunch of darts and see where they land. Mailerlite, Sendgrid, and Mailchimp are some of the more popular platforms that offer email marketing tools.

3. Social Media and Content Management

Balancing multiple social media platforms can be challenging. Automation tools function as skilled assistants, scheduling posts across platforms, tracking engagement metrics, and even responding to comments automatically.

This seamless coordination allows your social media presence to become a well-managed performance, freeing up time for you to concentrate on your practice. Check out SproutSocial or any other social media automation platform to get a better idea of how it all works.

4. Analytics and Reporting

In the marketing landscape, data serves as a guiding force. Automation tools gather and analyze data, providing insights into campaign performance, audience behavior, and return on investment (ROI).

This is a tricky skill to master and may not be your forte, but that’s okay! That’s why tools for data analytics work. Most website creation platforms and email campaign tools have built-in analytics, so give that a try.

5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In the allied health sector, client relationships take precedence. Automation within CRM systems streamlines interactions by managing communication history and automating follow-up actions, such as appointment reminders or post-appointment emails. Your client interactions become a streamlined and efficient process while still keeping that personal touch.

Keap is one tool that can help you with all that, as well as invoices and your phone line. There are plenty of other platforms out there that do similar things, but may be a better fit for your practice

6. Ad Campaign Optimization

Advertising is an investment, and automation optimizes your investment profoundly. Automated advertising platforms adjust ad bidding, audience targeting, and other specific elements that you have chosen, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your ad spend.

ROI is an important aspect of marketing that helps you know whether or not your advertising is worth the spending, and automation can help you make that decision with more confidence. Check out our blog post for more guidance on ROI.

7. E-commerce

If you use e-commerce in your practice, automation manages the rhythm of transactions. It handles inventory, recommends products, sends cart abandonment emails, and provides post-purchase support. Your e-commerce operations become a well-coordinated and efficient process, ensuring seamless customer experiences.

Think about how nice it would be to have a whole section of your business that is hands-off while still remaining efficient and profitable. That’s the power of automation.

8. Client Support

Imagine a potential client exploring your services and, upon expressing interest, the chatbot guides them through a series of personalized responses. It might offer additional resources, answer specific questions, or even suggest a direct phone call for a more in-depth conversation.

This seamless integration of website-initiated conversations transforms the support experience into a dynamic, client-focused interaction that fosters a sense of personalized care and responsiveness. Check out LivePerson or Podium to learn more.

So Many Possibilities for Connection

As you jump into integrating automation into your marketing repertoire, remember that automation is not about removing the human touch; it's about enhancing human capability.

Now is the time to take advantage of the amazing tools at our fingertips so that you can not only get ahead in the business world, but make a huge impact in the lives of those around you. Thank you for doing what you do– now go do it even better and more efficiently!

©Image by Jessica Southfield

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